Friday, September 14, 2012

True Love

When I talk about love I feel lonely.

My life is empty now that I don't have love.

It's hurting my heart now that it is broken.

I am trying hard to hold back tears.

I've been hurt for a long time now that I'm lonely.

How can I bee happy if I am hurt inside?

Please I need an answer before I break down in tears.

But it seems that there aren't any answers for me.

Why love has to be so strong for me?

Is it because I'm young and searching for love?

I still have pain inside when I am in tears.

Am I being taught a lesson about love?

I even think about love in my dreams.

I can't sleep because of the love I don't have.

My heart is beating fast because of the pain I have.

Why do I have to be sad with pain inside?

Maybe it because I'm thinking about love.

Why life have to be so hard for me?

To me love is special in my heart.

Sometimes I fee lonely and empty inside.

I feel like crying because I don't have love.

I'm scare that I will be heart broken.

I don't want to get hurt by love.

Because I've been hurt inside in the past.

I want to be notice without getting hurt.

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