Saturday, September 15, 2012

An Angel's Cry

Every night and day we find ourselves homeless.

We don't have a home for our families and friends.

Our families lost their  friends and love ones.

Lord, save us from this pain we have inside.

Our tears are asking for a life.

Our people are waiting for a life in a new home.

We are living on the streets just waiting for a shelter.

Families are in your hands, Lord,

There are tears  in families eyes for help.

My wings are falling apart every second.

I can see tears in  families eyes.

Help is what familes want in their life.

Streets and neighborhoods are empty with pain.

There are no cars parked on the streets.

Lord, the world is filled with tears.

Tears of an angel asking for help.

Our lives are in your hands.

My wings are falling apart with tears.

Our people need a light to see.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Emotional Eyes

Why do people have eyes?

Because they need them to see.

But not for an angel.

Because she is an emotional angel who is scare.

She knows that she is scare.

But is is hard for her to explain it.

She is so emotional that people can see it easily.

She can see everything except her broken heart.

There are days and nights that she feels lonely.

Because people she is a loser and a freak.

She wants to be strong but she can't.

She just wish that she see herself clearly.

But it is hard to see.

My Special Love

Love is hard to find when I want it the most.

At first it was a foolish love.

But now love  is real.

Sometimes it is hard to realize it.

When I'm in love I feel strange.

There are days when I'm sad.

Because my love is in far and long distance.

My love knows that I've liked him for the longest.

I hear my name when he calls or see me.

Now that my love is gone I feel lonely.

Whenever I sleep I can see him in my dreams.

I can remember him coming to see me.

 My special love is all I want.

During the nights when I take a walk I see shiny stars.

The shiny stars reminds me of sweet love.

Under the cover of my bed love is dark.

It is hard to understand what is love.

I do understand true love.

Sometimes my heart says that I have love.

Love can be together for two.

But not for a goodbye.

When that love moves to another path.

But that love could be there for tomorrow.

I can't just let go of love.

My special love is my life.

Inside my heart I have love.

Sometimes I get scare when I feel love.

I just wish my love was here beside me.

That's all I want my special love.

Lonely Angel

I have one wish.
I wish I could be free from depression.
Cause I'm all alone in the dark.
I want to move forward but something or someone is pulling me back to my past.
I'm trying to face the world but it is hard.
I can't face th world cause I'm locked up in the dark prison with anger.
I want to fly but I don't have my wings.
I can't reach the sky cause I'm so lost and confuse.
And without my white wings I am nothing.
Sometimes people think I'm a freak.
Cause they think that I don't deserve to be love.
I'm just a stranger to them.
I want to be accepted in this world.
Please save me from this dark hell I'm living in.
I want to walk into the light and feel the wing.
Just give me a chance the world that I'm an angel from Heaven.

Everyday Hope

 Everyday and night we are suffering to see our friends and love ones die from cancer.
It is hard to fall asleep when you can them find dead in the next's day.
Life can be hard to live day after day when you know that person you loved past away.
It takes time to get over the pain you have of losing your love one.
Cancer can be found everywhere in this world.
Children as well as teens die from cancer.
It is hard to say goodbye to a friend or love one.
Cancer can be from generation to generation.
If you know someone who has or dying from cancer, we can be there for them.
We can be strong for those who going through cancer.

Time flies by everyday when you know that someone that you loved is going to die any second.
Just be a hero to those who are going through cancer.


Everyday and night we are at war.
Everywhere we go we see dead bodies on the streets.
We have to protect ourselves as we walk the street.
Cause you never know if you gonna live or die.
We need to stay together if we want freedom.
You need to look forward and dont look back.
If you look forward, your life will change.
If you look at the past, you wont change.
Stand up for who are no matter where you come from.
Dont let anyone take you for granted.
Be proud for your freedom if you have one.
Stay true to yourself as you live your life.
If you believe, you can achieve.
You have the voice to speak freely.
If you see someone down, lift them up.
Express your thoughts and feelings.
You have the power to fight for your rights.
Dont stand back cause you will lose.
You will have the Will to win if you fight back.

Dios es Todo

Dios es la estrella por la noche mientras duermos.
El es el sol poor  el dia mientras levantamos.
Dios  es nuestro ojos para ver el mundo.
El es nuestra boca para habla en oracion.
Dios es nuestro oidos para escuchara las albanzas.
El es nuestro manos para sanar los enfermos.
Dios es nuerstro corazon que nos tenermos.
El es nuestro cuerpo para proteger nuestro salud.
Dios es nuestro pies para caminar hace a el.
El es todo en esta tierra.
Dios es la vida y la biblia.
El es nuestra danaza por siempre.
Dios es nuestro padre celestial.
Dios es Todo en este mundo.