Friday, September 14, 2012


If I had a wish, I wish there was an angel.
 An angel protecting me with his whole life.
I want an angel watching over me as I fall asleep.
I wish there was an angel with wings keeping me warm.
An angel of love is all I want in this life.
If I had a wish, I wish there was an angel.
 An angel sings me a love song.
This angel is everything that I want.
I wish that this angel be there for me when I need him the most.
 Without an angel I am nothing in this life.
I know this angel loves me til the end.
 I wish that this angel keeps his promise.
Promise me you will be there for me.
 Promise me you love me for the rest of your life.
 Promise me you will always be in my heart.
 Tell me sweet angel that you will always love me.
 f there was a wish, I wish that angel keeps his promises and never breaks my heart.
 Please show me that special love you have for me.
Angel. I love you and I will never stop loving you.
 You are everything I have in my heart.
 If I had a wish, I wish I could find my angel.
 My wish did come true.
 I already found my angel.
 You are my angel from heaven to my heart.
 I know this love we will have last forever.
 You are my true and love angel.

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