Friday, September 14, 2012


Everyday and night we are at war.
Everywhere we go we see dead bodies on the streets.
We have to protect ourselves as we walk the street.
Cause you never know if you gonna live or die.
We need to stay together if we want freedom.
You need to look forward and dont look back.
If you look forward, your life will change.
If you look at the past, you wont change.
Stand up for who are no matter where you come from.
Dont let anyone take you for granted.
Be proud for your freedom if you have one.
Stay true to yourself as you live your life.
If you believe, you can achieve.
You have the voice to speak freely.
If you see someone down, lift them up.
Express your thoughts and feelings.
You have the power to fight for your rights.
Dont stand back cause you will lose.
You will have the Will to win if you fight back.

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