Friday, September 14, 2012

My Special Love

Love is hard to find when I want it the most.

At first it was a foolish love.

But now love  is real.

Sometimes it is hard to realize it.

When I'm in love I feel strange.

There are days when I'm sad.

Because my love is in far and long distance.

My love knows that I've liked him for the longest.

I hear my name when he calls or see me.

Now that my love is gone I feel lonely.

Whenever I sleep I can see him in my dreams.

I can remember him coming to see me.

 My special love is all I want.

During the nights when I take a walk I see shiny stars.

The shiny stars reminds me of sweet love.

Under the cover of my bed love is dark.

It is hard to understand what is love.

I do understand true love.

Sometimes my heart says that I have love.

Love can be together for two.

But not for a goodbye.

When that love moves to another path.

But that love could be there for tomorrow.

I can't just let go of love.

My special love is my life.

Inside my heart I have love.

Sometimes I get scare when I feel love.

I just wish my love was here beside me.

That's all I want my special love.

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